CITO Skills Checker Toolkit - Malta

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The CITO Skills Checker Promotional Guidelines outline a variety of materials that can be used to promote the CITO Skills Checker within your learning centre. These materials are designed for both learning centre staff, and potential adult learners.

Download the CITO Skills Checker promotional guidelines! CITO Toolkit Guide Malta

This CITO Skills Checker Guide / Brochure is designed for staff in learning centres so that you can promote and use the CITO Skills Checker! You can share this PDF with others or print it on your office / home printers.

There are also downloadable posters and flyers to help you promote the CITO Skills Checker to your learners!

Download your Flyers, Brochures and Posters today!

This social media pack can be used for general promotion of the CITO Skills Checker, either as paid or organic content.

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We have a few extra promotional materials to help you promote the CITO Skills Checker in the digital environment!

Download your CITO Powerpoint for Maltese Presentations and Web backgrounds today!