Check in and take off with the CITO Skills Checker!

Around 1 out of 5 European adults struggle with basic reading and writing, calculation or using digital tools in everyday life.

We use our literacy skills every day and unmet literacy needs can have a huge impact on:

- people’s health and wellbeing,

- accessing work and lifelong learning, and

- being able to participate fully in family life and society.

The Check In, Take off (CITO) project involves three countries, Malta, Ireland and Norway. To help adults develop their skills and potentially obtain a qualification, the CITO project has developed the CITO Skills Checker; an easy-to-use and free online self-assessment tool!

The CITO Skills Checker helps adults check their skills and get direction on where to go to next, suggesting online and local course options. Users can explore their skill level in literacy, numeracy and digital literacy using real- world task based self-assessments.

Try the CITO Skills Checker today! It takes less than 10 minutes!


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