Adapt the Skills Checker for your organisation!

One of the key objectives of the CITO Skills Checker tool development process was to create a prototype that was scalable and available for organisations in Europe to adapt and localise to their own culture and context. The CITO Project has developed a data driven tool that is built on an open source technology stack and has created an open source repository with supporting documentation to enable and empower organisations to initiate the adaptation process.

To aid the adaptation process, as well as ensuring that the project outputs could be accessed and disseminated easily, the CITO Project team chose to host the source code, technical documentation and files for the project on GitHubThe following can be accessed via the CITO Project's repositories on GitHub:

You can access and download the above source code, project files and documentation via the two GitHub repositories for the project:

The CITO project team has also created a project wiki on GitHub to share information about the project and empower individuals and organisations to adapt and contribute to the project in the future. It provides a step-by-step guide to the CITO Skills Checker, the project documentation, and the adaptation and build processes that are involved. The wiki has four sections:

  1. Home: This section provides details about the CITO Project; the project objectives, an overview of the CITO Skills Checker, and how to get in touch with the CITO project team.
  2. Getting Started: This section provides details on the technical aspects of the project; the build instructions, code scaffolding, server configuration, solution architecture, application stack etc…
  3. Skills Checker Content: This section provides details on the animation content within the tool including links to the MP4 files as well as supporting resources and a ‘How can I adapt the animations?’ sub-section.
  4. Skills Checker Outreach Model and Toolkit: This section provides details on the communications outreach model, toolkit, and training resources. It also provides links to the downloadable final design files for adaptation, as well as the final print and digital files.

There is also a comprehensive CITO Skills Checker Technical document that is available to download.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions or you need support adapting the CITO Skills Checker for your organisation get in touch with the CITO Project team at [email protected].