What do we mean by adult literacy?

Literacy is more than just reading and writing. Literacy skills also include listening, speaking, using numbers and using everyday technology like smartphones and google to communicate and handle information.

We all need literacy skills to communicate, access services, and make informed choices. Literacy skills help us to enjoy a good quality of life within our families, in our communities and at work.

Did you know?

-1 in 6 Irish adults find reading and understanding everyday texts difficult.

-1 in 4 Irish adults has problems doing maths.

-Almost half of Irish adults do not have the digital skills they need to use everyday technology.

This means that everyday tasks are difficult for a large number of people. These can include:

-Filling in forms

-Paying bills

-Helping children with their homework

-Reading the instructions on a medicine bottle

-Shopping online

How can you help?

Do you have friends or family members who struggle with some of these everyday tasks? People of every age and from every background can have low levels of literacy. It does not matter if they have finished school or done exams, they can improve their skills at any time for any reason!

The CITO Skills Checker helps people to check their reading and writing, maths, and digital skills. It is designed to help adult learners to recognise their existing skills while providing further education pathways and providing details on free online and local adult literacy classes. Visit www.skillschecker.ie to find out more!

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CITO Skills Checker